SD Cafe

Denpasar, 1st December 2016, on this day SD Café has been officially inaugurated by Shunda Hotel Bali’s General Manager. SD Café is located in Shunda Hotel Bali’s Main Lobby. SD Café serve several choice menu such as Black Coffee, Balinese Coffee, Hot Tea, Chitato, Mentos, Good Time, Teh Botol Sosro, and many more.

“I hope SD Café could be the right place for customers to relax. I also hope we could improve our service standard and increase our customers’ comfort with SD Café”, as expressed by Ms. Catherine R. C. as General Manager in Shunda Hotel Bali.

The Opening of SD Café progressed smoothly and cheerfully with Managerial Staffs and Shunda Hotel Bali’s Employees in attendance. The inauguration of SD Café is kicked started with an opening speech from Ms. Catherine R. C., followed by coffee break, a tour of SD Café area, and closed with group prayer. The event started from 2pm to 4pm WITA.

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