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Denpasar 26/12/2016. Shunda Hotel Bali has never stop innovating its product for its customers’ satisfaction. Now Shunda Hotel Bali had added its newest addition for that purpose in introducing Breakfast Menu. The foods provided consist of Indonesian Traditional Cuisines; such as Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng), Coconut Milk and turmeric infused Rice (Nasi Kuning), and Rice with various side dish (Nasi Campur); Bread and Jam, Chicken Porridge (served only on Sunday), Seasonal Fruits, Omelet and Sunny Side Up live station.

Shunda Hotel Bali will provide 4 (four) Breakfast menu every day in the following categories: Indonesian Traditional Menu, International Menu, Vegetarian Menu, and Omelet or Sunny Side Up Egg Dish served only by order. These menu is available from 1st December 2016. As for now this menu is only available to walk-in guest and companies that have contracted Shunda Hotel Bali as its company’s chosen partner.


“I hope with the launch of these 4 (four) Breakfast Menu, we could increase customers’ satisfaction and improve our service. We eagerly wait for suggestions and criticism from guests to further improve our Food and Beverage Department team’s performance. Thank you” Expectancy from Intan Suhartini; Marketing, Food and Beverage Manage; Shunda Hotel Bali.

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